February 2, 2006

Vblogs…getting sophisticated and “Booming” on TiVo

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Some amazing developments in video blogging (vblog) over past year. We’ve mentioned vblogs a couple times in the past months, including China based Toodou.com — the following two sites are worth mentioning:

FireAnt (it’s a portal that syncs to almost any device)

ApolloPony (suggest watching Game: On Mashima)

In fact, one vblog out of New York City, RocketBoom, has moved from the web to the TV, or rather, to TiVo

And then again, this shouldn’t be all that much of a surpirse given Yahoo’s partnership with TiVo back in November 2005…

To all the China-based entrepreneurs — we are putting you on notice: The learning curve is moving quickly, as are expectations — this time around there will be no room for excuses, such as “we are a developing country…”

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