October 16, 2005

TiddlyWiki…ditch your old school notebooks the future is now!

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TiddlyWiki?! Well, that is what I thought too after Ed Sim, Dawntreader, noted this solution on his website…for the past week I have been hacking around with this open source dynamic notebook and its so much fun…

…TiddlyWiki, in simple terms…er…imagine if you were to write down all your ideas, notes, etc on flash cards…making sure to color code all related information and ideas…once you’ve got all your data on the cards…you wave your magic wand over the deck of cards, and thus enchanting them so each card referencing similar information (and/or ideas) would be linked…therefore when you read any card for the deck all the associated cards would magically move to the top of the stack…

TiddlyWiki’s founder, Jeremy Ruston, explains the technology:

It’s written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to run on any modern browser without needing any ServerSide logic. It allows anyone to create personal SelfContained hypertext documents that can be posted to any WebServer, sent by email or kept on a USB thumb drive to make a WikiOnAStick.

There are a couple English language versions of TiddlyWiki, I’m using Jonny LeRoy’s version, but there is also a Chinese language version

TiddlyWiki is confusing at first, but give yourself thirty minutes to go through the tutorial and you’ll quickly unerstand how powerful this very simple, protable and flexible solution truly is…

Euicho.com lists some of the things you can do with the platfrom:

* It works great as a documentation manager
* It can store little bits of information, reminders, and notes
* It makes a great FAQ page.
* Turn it into a todo list, with items as tiddlers.
* Some use it as a blog.
* Some use it as a website.
* Make it your own personal dictionary/encyclopedia.

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