December 6, 2007

Nokia’s “Comes With Music” concept remains behind the DRM curve while Feilio powers ahead

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Nokia’s new “Comes With Music” service – announced this past Tuesday – shows Feilio’s business model is right at the cutting edge. Nokia will bundle unlimited (though DRM compliant) music downloads with its very high-end mobile phones, for about US$5 per month.

Nokia still has some issues to overcome before its offering will be more attractive – like DRM. But we see this as a very positive move forward in the marketplace as it sets a good precedent for Feilio and their model. The bundled content strategy has now been endorsed by a major consumer electronics manufacturer (Nokia) and a major record company (Universal Music Group).

Nokia built its own back-end, which we believe will ultimately limit the Nokia service’s effectiveness. Feilio, on the other hand, has built the first open blanket licensing platform in the world that can service not only multiple licensees (e.g. many ISPs or handset manufacturers, not just one) but also multiple kinds of licensees (e.g. handset manufacturers, ISPs, and literally anyone that wants to bundle a content subscription as a value-add to any product or service). We believe Feilio’s right at the forefront of where media is headed.

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