February 2, 2006

Major League Baseball (USA) is using RSS feeds for direct marketing…

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For the record, we’ve been in favor of leveraging RSS feeds for “permission based” direct marketing for some time. This is what they’re doing at 1Diantong, a Shanghai based direct marketing/loyal start-up.

However, not everyone is happy that advertisers are piping marketing down RSS, for example, Joanna Hicks, a blogger running Empyreal Environs, is a bit, well, pissed-off at Major League Baseball (USA) for taking “advantage of RSS for advertising purposes“.

Okay, I can understand that unwanted adverts are intrusive (that’s why I don’t have any on my site), however to say RSS, as a channel, should not be used for direct marketing is going too far.

Pumping permission based marketing campaigns through RSS feeds is brilliant, especially when organized in an aggregator, such as NewsGator. Think of how an OPML Reading List is organized – same same but slightly different…

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