February 12, 2006

Interview with Chris Early, Studio Manger for Microsoft’s Casual Games Group

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Chris Early, Studio Manager for Microsoft Casual Games Group talks with gaming blog Joystix about challenges facing casual gaming and how MS is working to bridge the gap between console players and PC players.

One of the big challenges that–not just Microsoft–people have been working on for years in the online community space is “how do you allow consumers to differentiate themselves? “Because you and I, when we both log in, we are essentially the same, right? In that digital world we’re just a collection of bits.

How do we begin to establish different identities and differentiating ourselves becomes a key element to the community? One of the ways is by allowing people to pick their own avatar and self express in some forms. But another way is to allow people to earn and achieve those differentiators and have that be part of something you can be proud of and show of:

“In fact I am different because even though we may have picked the same avatar and remarkably similar name, I am clearly a much better Geometry Wars player or pick the game player because my score’s higher or I’ve earned more badges or because whichever method you want to go to.” Differentiation ends up being key.

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