March 4, 2006

Indie film competition in Shanghai – “Contest 2.0”

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It is a little late to enter but I just learned of a cool short film competition that is currently underway in Shanghai called “Contest 2.0” — the group organizing the contest is MeiWenTi Productions.

According to the contest’s guidelines there are a number of specific elements or situations that must be included in the film:

a bobble head
a flight of birds
an animal
a hidden secret that is revealed in the last 45 seconds of the film
the heart of Shanghai
the line “that’s so cool, can you do that again”
a pair of shoes
some eggs
an accusation and a violent reaction

We have an Indian friend who has entered this competition, his group’s film is titled, “Life as a Shanghai expat” and it promises to be very entertaining. When we get our hands on it we’ll convert it into an mpeg and post on this site.

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