February 23, 2006

Greylock’s Roger Evans discusses some of the things he looks for from an initial meeting with a start-up

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Today, I had lunch with Roger Evans, Greylock, and Steve Williams and Hank Horkoff from Chinesepod.com — we had an interesting discussion about what VCs look for when meeting an investee for the first time. Roger is a Partner at Greylock and has over thirty-years of experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor – below are just some of his sage advice:

(1) Business focus – “what separates the men from the boys is focus, knowing what your core competencies are…what your addressable markets are…and being disciplined enough not to cross those boundaries…”

(2) Defend your territory– “once you’ve staked out your core competencies, how defensible are they?”

(3) Thought process – “the way you have thought through your business strategy/model…what factors did you take into account…where did you get this information from…”

(4) Motivation – “what gets you up out of bed each day?”

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