October 25, 2005

My invite to FilmLoop finally arrived today…nice to have…not critical to everyday life…

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filmloop, originally uploaded by japaninsider.


This morning, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise in my mailbox…after 3 months of waiting I finally received my FilmLoop.com invitation. I downloaded the app with great anticipation…started playing around with it…and now I’m thinking…is it a glorified screen saver, more gear on my desktop, or are there real business applications for this syndication tool…

So what is Filmloop? Good question…here’s how the company describes it:

FilmLoop is free software that gives you the power to create new loops or join existing ones. Loops are strings of images that move across your desktop. A loop can contain photos of your family’s latest vacation, images of the latest happenings around the world, or pictures that link to the latest properties in your local real estate market. And, changes to a loop automatically update on the desktops of everyone in your loop, whether it’s two, ten, or a million people.

Here is an example of what a loop looks like — the loop can either sit on top of your bottom navigation bar or can be resized/repositioned anywhere else on the desktop:


First, this is thing to note FilmLoop is in beta (aka, “hey we are finished, but in case of SNAFUs…not our fault!”); Seond, the app is really slow and crashed on me seven times; Third, there are some nice photos, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what combination members come up with; Fourth, I’m too busy to watch photos shuffle along my monitor so I don’t think I’ll be using it for pleasure; and Finally, I do think there are business applications for this, specifically building off real-time updates (via RSS, etc infrastructure) that can be pushed to both mobile and pc platforms. Some ideas are:

a) e-commerce applications that are time sensitive, such as coupons, flier, shopping offers, ebay; these can change based on the day, time, or prior activity of consumer (e.g. you just bought dog food, her is a coupon for a pooper scooper);

b) collaboration between businesses, such as documents, presentation, product samples (e.g. manufacturing), or bios

c) event planning, such as, venue changes, driving instructions, etc

d) news and weather reports

e) computer and software vendors pushing drivers and updated product information

and the list goes on…so the question is…is this application simply enough to make all these changes on the fly and/or are there alternative channels to the above…I’m sure there are…

and so…maybe FilmLoop is just entertainment after all…

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