December 1, 2005

Do sites need multiple RSS feeds?

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For the past three months, I been facing a funny situation (funny “odd” not funny “haha”) over whether or not our portfolio companies should published multiple RSS feeds; largely because these companies are in China and, well, things get blocked from time to time, standards are changing all the time, etc…

At first, I thought, no way, too messy…stick with one, but then I read a post from Aaron Baron (one of the founders of the super funny “haha” vidlog RocketBoom hosted by Amanda Congdon) where he discussed the reason RocketBoom has 15 RSS feeds; here is a taste:

With multiple feeds, I feel like we may have more control over offering a simpler, more personalized experience for our audience because we know what we have, how it should be organized, how it looks, how people are using it and how to cut out all the extra packets that they are not using.

And here is what Dave Winer has to say about this:

I think of that when I see pages with fifteen different formats that all do the same thing. Why? There’s no need for it. How many of those types of battles were fought inside Apple that resulted in the super-shitty experience I had and Jeremy had. Maybe we need to take a step back and start thinking a bit about how this kind of bullshit keeps us from growing.

I’m leaning towards Dave’s position, what do you think?


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