November 25, 2005

Direct marketing and feeds…a “killer channel”

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FeedBurner has a new Feed For Thought article titled, “How feeds will change the way content is distributed, valued and consumed” that I think is really worth reading…

Here is a bit of the article:

Today, feeds are largely considered the output of content management systems. You create an article, an Atom/RSS version of that article gets generated, and that’s it. Visitors to the site see an html view of the content, and subscribers to the feed get some rendering of the same content (derived from the feed) in their aggregator.

Since the feed data is semi-structured, it is possible to enhance the feed with 3rd party services in a generalized way. Meta-data can be readily incorporated and other content can be spliced into the feed based on easily parsed feed elements…like meta-data additions (Media RSS, iTunes tags) and content splicing (links and photos) for some time now….

We can leverage the benefits of feed structure to allow publishers to provide a feedback loop to the Web site; the feed can become input to content on the site. There are unique capabilities that can be provided to the site as a function of performing transformations and enhancements to the feed derived from that web content.

I am totally convinced that there is a killer direct marketing/targeted email model that specifically leverages feeds…this includes developing a direct marketing feed aggregator…

The team at Shanghai based 1Diantong also think so, and thus they are working to integrate feeds into their distribution channels…it is going to be fun to watch how this plays out…


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