January 11, 2006

Consumer Electronic Show (CES): Seamless Connectivity

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It is funny how in the US/Europe everyone is talking about “Seamless Connectivity” while in China we are still working on “Connectivity” — are we really that far behind in China?

Maybe the question should be, “do we really want seamless connectivity?” Do you really want your watch talking to your computer talking to your radio talking to your TV? Where is the value-add in this — I don’t see it and I don’t want it!

Robin Williams riffed about a conversation you might have with your TV once all your devices can work together:

“I want to watch a movie.”

“Porn again?”


“I’ve been talking to your computer, and I know what you like.”

“Shut up!”

If you are interested in a full review of CES click to Kevin Maney’s USA Today article.

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