February 11, 2006

Bye Bye Email Marketing, Hello RSS

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Steve Rubel is SVP at NYC based PR firm Cooperkatz agrees with us that RSS is the New New Thing in direct marketing:

That’s all folks. The door has officially closed on email marketing. Maybe this will drive more companies to start up opt-in RSS feeds and blogs that facilitate dialogue.

And so does Polarman:

Fred, please change the business models from email to RSS. It’s time Email gives way to RSS. Everything that a email delivered service can do should be done by RSS.

But, Elliott Ng, an Executive at Intuit, gave us a different opinion:

I think RSS itself is a feature, but the larger story is about how customers and companies engage with each other, and how companies have a difficult time managing those dialogues.

Regardless where you stand on the RSS v. Email marketing debate (if in fact there is one and we aren’t making a mountain out of a, well, non-issue) one thing is certain: RSS marketing will have a major impact in China where two of the largest email service providers, 163 and Sina, already block thousands of smaller email servers — some good (permission based marketing) and some evil (spammers) — getting your company off their black lists and onto their white lists reeks of favoritism…

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