October 26, 2005

Brand building through independent blogs…

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The New York Times published an article by Tania Ralli entitled, “Brand Blogs Capture…” that talks to the growing number of bloggers developing blogs dedicated exclusively to their favorite brands.

Tania writes, “according to a survey released this spring by Yankelovich, a marketing firm based in Chapel Hill, N.C., a third of all consumers would prefer to receive product information from friends and specialists rather than from advertising.” This makes a lot of sense, in fact there are a number of new search engines embracing this “peer ratings” such as wink.com and Kaboogle.com

One popular “brand blog” is Starbucks Gossip, maintained by Jim Romenesko, an independent blogger…

Jim Romenesko's Starbuck blog

Some other popular blogs are:

Barq root beer
Trader Joe’s
Walt Disney

Of course, there are some fake branding sites, such as Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum Blog (a Flash-based site that has nothing to do with blogging other than the word appears on the site)…but all in all…(and given the lack of branding in China)…I think there is a potential business model here for a blogging community to build on…

Whereas blog communities such as Weblogs Inc focus on developing a variety of general topic blogs, perhaps the model in China should be to focus on building a community of brand blogs…

In fact, this is something we would be interested in co-developing with the right team…so if you want to be a “brand ambassador” contact us at yvc at our website’s name.

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