November 14, 2005

Amazon Mechanical Turk…computers outsource to humans?

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Amazon has a new service called Amazon Mechanical Turk which is sort of an outsourcing service whereby computers outsource to humans. I signed up and made US$0.21 last week, below is a summary of myAmazon Mechanical Turk activity for the week ending Nov 12, 2005:

Weekly HIT Activity:
– Number of HITs accepted: 7
– Number of HITs returned: 0
– Number of HITs abandoned: 0
– Number of HITs submitted: 7
– Number of HITs approved: 7
– Number of HITs rejected: 0
– Amount earned this week: $0.21

Does anyone remember what Terminator 3 was about…”Rise of the Machines”?

Maybe we are closer to that scenario than we think…

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