October 11, 2005

Gada.be: mobile search will never be the same again…

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We’ve been supporting a company called YDC Tech for the past year — the group has developed a search engine specifically targeting quarries in Chinese — the technology incorporates algorithms used in genome sequencing. So when a new search technology hits the air waves it peaks our interest

This morning, a new tag meta-search engine called gada.be was launched in Seattle; the two guys behind it are Chris Pirillo and Shayne Sweeney. The technology allows you to search for stuff by either going to gada.be or typing in your search quarry into that white address box in browser; for example, want to find “Chinese dog food” — simply enter the following http://chinese-dog-food.gada.be

The way gada works is by cruising lots of different sites such as Google, Flickr, Yahoo!, etc and collecting all relevant information in a permanent URL; and so becomes a comprehensive result set for a tag link. Gada also outputs search results in RSS and OPML, allowing users to easily subscribe to and organize searches. Founder, Chris Pirillo, talks below about how this is perfect for mobile search:

“It was borne out of several frustrations. If you’ve ever tried to visit a Web site over a mobile device, you know it’s a pain in the knuckle. The domain had to be simple to key-in from anywhere. gada.be is 4232.2233 on most cell phones and PSPs. Normally, when you want to find something online, you have to choose a Web site (wait for the page to load) enter the query (wait for the second page to load) then see results from that provider. With “gada.be,” you insert the query *AS* the subdomain!”

I just want highlight this tagging thing…it has been around for a while however it has only caught on over the last couple of years…I think the best hope for a semantic web will come as a function of tagging. In the US, there is a company called del.icio.us that has been around for 2.5 years, Union Square Ventures recently seeded the company, and is at the forefront of tagging.

Back to Mobile Search: …in China we already have a couple, such as start-up Cgogo.com, which offers mobile search to China Unicom and China Mobile. Cgogo claims its technology uses “fuzzy search and concept clusters rank algorithms”, grouping results in “concepts.” I’ve used Cgogo a couple times and, to be honest, it doesn’t work very well…

Another mobile search service is called Guanxi which is based in Shanghai. It is an okay service, however their database is limited to restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues only in Shanghai — sort of narrow. Guanxi is a service provided by a company called Mailman, which is one of several postcard distributors in town. I understand they are looking for angels to help them expand this service nationwide in 2006…

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