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Before we can evaluate your plan we require that you download and complete our “Snapshot”. This Snapshot will help us route your plan to the most appropriate evaluator and speeds up your review process.

Please follow the instructions on the Snapshot specifically: missing or unclear information will delay our ability to respond to you. Submit your completed Snapshot via email to:

Download a copy of the Snapshot in Microsoft Power Point format by clicking here.

This is the process you can generally expect to occur when you submit a Snapshot:

1. If your Snapshot profiles a business that is of interest to Ymer, you will receive a follow up call from a Ymer member to discuss your Snapshot and request additional information and/or a meeting.

2. If results of those conversations indicate that at least one Ymer member is interested in sponsoring (recommending) your business to the group, we will schedule a group presentation for you. This presentation is generally 20 minutes long + 10 minutes of Q&A and will be held in our offices in Shanghai. We will schedule a “dry run” with you at least 2 days before the meeting to help you refine and maximize the value of your presentation time.

3. You will receive immediate feedback at the end of your presentation regarding the group’s decision to either a) pass on further discussions at this time, b) invite you back after you have achieved specific milestones, or c) begin the due diligence process, which will then involve several more individual and group meetings with the goal of culminating in an investment.

Important unique aspects of Ymer investments that you should know:

1. Ymer is a Hong Kong base fund investing exclusively in Greater China – Shanghai and Beijing.

2. Ymer charges no fees whatsoever for submitting a plan, presenting to Ymer, or closing a deal with Ymer, except out of pocket research costs that might be involved in due diligence, which would not be incurred without the entrepreneur’s agreement. We are interested in finding and making good investments, not in generating screening fees.

3. Ymer often invests alongside other VC groups within a round, and is frequently instrumental in helping entrepreneurs meet additional investors to complete an investment round. This helps the entrepreneur efficiently raise more capital in one round than might be available from a single investor source.

4. Ymer does not sign NDAs during the deal screening process.

5. Ymer does background checks on management of potential portfolio companies. Entrepreneurs are advised to ensure that whatever they present to Ymer is candid and within their legal rights to share.

6. ONLY companies with their Senior Management based in Shanghai, Beijing and Boston will be considered, due to the importance of the close working relationship between our Angels and portfolio company management.

7. We will respond to you when the Snapshot has been received. If you have not received a response after 7 days, please resend, just in case it was lost in email. However, other than verifying receipt, please wait until we call you with questions or comments. We will review your Snapshot in the most expeditious manner possible.

8. If you have been referred by a member or friend of Ymer (board member, lawyer, accountant, etc) please mention that in your cover email when sending in your Snapshot.

9. Ymer will not pay any finders’ fees and will not invest in companies where part of the monies are going to fundraisers of early-stage companies.

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