About Ymer

Ymer’s strategy is to partner with early stage start-ups in building companies that have the potential to become industry leaders. We prefer to build around an outstanding entrepreneurial leader or team with a powerful technology and market vision.

It’s a simple formula. We identify start-up and early stage technology based companies that have a clearly defined market edge. We undertake a detailed assessment of the opportunity. We structure transactions to provide appropriate incentives to all parties. In addition to investing capital, our partners invest considerable time and energy to accelerate the evolution of our portfolio companies.

Our first round investments are typically in the range of $100,000 to $500,000 and we target to invest $1 to $1.5 million in each portfolio company over successive financing rounds. We may co-invest with other investment funds.

Ymer is a Hong Kong based company with a strong preference to invest in Shanghai and Beijing based technology related ventures.

Other key aspects to our approach include:

1. A Focus on Early-Stage/First Outside-Capital Investments

2. Leveraging our company-building expertise, operational experience, and domain knowledge.

3. Committing significant resources and time to help make our companies successful.

4. A Values-Based Philosophy

5. Seeking partnership built around integrity, honesty, and teamwork

6. Maintaining our belief in the entrepreneur as “Star” and Ymer as “Invited Guest”

7. Seeking to be a long-term partner

A Focus on High-Value Sectors and Creating Significant, Long Lasting Companies

1. Automotive

2. Financial Services

3. Direct Marketing & Advertising

4. Education

5. Wireless Telecom

Across our investments, one thing that remains constant: Our entrepreneurs deserve and get the credit, while we are a key resource to help build their company. We are company builders who partner closely with our entrepreneurs and put in the time and hard work that is needed to create world-class companies.

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